Wednesday, 1st June 2016 | Scotland Adventure Videos | Sophie

Last weeks written Scotland post HERE

After many hours of editing, they're finally complete..
So my original idea was to make it into just one video, but after realising it was going to be over 20 minutes long I decided to make them into short day by day videos.
It would mean the world to me if you would go and check them out on my YouTube channel. It's my first time doing something like this and I didn't expect to enjoy as much as I have done.
Maybe this is what I should be doing, I'll just keep it as a hobby for now.
Each individual video is linked on the titles above each photo.

Thanks so much for watching.
Be adventurous,

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Friday, 27th May 2016 | A Pinteresting Life #1 | Jen

I'm not entirely sure what this post is going to end up like, but on my old blog I used to publish (once a week) a series called 'Pinspiration'. I would collect pictures from my 'HOME' Pinterest board that had inspired me that week. I guess this is going to be something like that, except I'm going to make it more varied. I'm starting this series today, it won't be a weekly post but it may keep creeping up every now and then on a Friday when it's my turn to post. 

Like a lot of people, I go to Pinterest when I'm feeling a little bit blank and lacking inspiration. This week I've been particularly loving images of bunches, interior and fitness, so there are two images for each section that caught my eye this week. Starting with:

I've never been the type of girl to truly appreciate a bunch of flowers, I'm not into the whole 'boy surprises girl with a bunch flowers, blah, blah' romance. The only reason I've ever bought flowers is when I would buy bunches for my Grandma. When I was a kid, every Sunday without fail I would head over to hers with a fresh bunch to fill her lounge because I knew how happy they made her. Recently I've felt a massive void and I haven't been sure what it was, and I finally know. Since the passing of my Grandma a few months back theres also been a lack of flowers in my life and after all of these years I finally appreciate them! In these bunches below, I love the clash of the clean, crisp, white flower against some dark green leaves. Maybe I'll inherit my Grans green fingers and some how keep a house plant alive, but until then, a bunch every now and then will fill the void.

As a child I went through thousands of phases of 'what I want to be when I'm a grow up'. An interior designer was one and even though it was only a phase that I eventually grew out of I always stayed interested. Even from a very young age I would rummage through interior magazines and scour the internet for even an inkling of something homeware related to feed my interest. The older I get and the closer I get to hopefully owning my own house (hopefully within the next few years) the more scary the idea actually gets. Moving out is going to be a massive shock to the system because I know how much it will affect my mental state, it'll be scary and stressful, but my main aim will be ensure that my new home makes me feel comfortable and inspired. I don't care about having a Pinterest perfect home but it doesn't stop me from staring at beautiful interior and adding to my 'HOME' board... White walls, covered in framed graphic prints will suit me just fine!

I've always had self image and body issues but it wasn't until recently that I started taking my fitness a bit more seriously, and I think Pinterest in some way has had a massive influence on that. Like a lot of girls I'm convinced that unless I have a perfectly flat stomach, huge boobs, a bubble butt and long slender legs I should feel rubbish about myself, and as much as I'd love all of those things, everybody's body is different and exercise works differently for everyone. I try to not look at the girls on my 'FITNESS' board with envy but as inspiration. To remind myself that girls can be strong, and have muscles and be totally killing it in a gym not matter their body shape. I've almost come to terms with the fact that I'll never not have muscles, I was a swimmer at a young age after all so my legs are always going to be muscly, no matter how much I hate them. At the moment I'm focusing more on my tummy, constantly trying new exercises to try and get rid of that little pouch I always feel self conscious about! I also just like looking at pictures of smoothie bowls, no matter how hard I try to recreate them they never look this good!...

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Be kind,

Wednesday, 25th May 2016 | Scotland Adventures 1st - 7th May | Sophie

This could potentially be quite a long post, so lets begin..

Originally we were supposed to arrive in Scotland on the 30th April, but unfortunately my dad was unable to come with us as he’d managed to snap his front tooth the day before we were due to travel. Felt pretty bad for him, I knew how much he was looking forward to going.
Day One | Sunday - A day of travelling
So mum and I packed up the car and left around 11:30 in the morning. The roads were clear and we actually had a lovely drive. In total it should have taken us 5 hours and 20 minutes, but with 30 minutes left to our journey we came to at a sharp halt. We were suddenly at a stand still, with not much of an inkling of what was around the bend for us to be instantly halted, but one thing sprung to mind - an accident.
After around 5 or so minutes of sat there without any knowledge of what had happened, a police car arrived and worked it’s way from behind talking to each driver of the situation. Then it got to us and the officer basically said that we could either stay and wait it out (most likely would have been hours as they were waiting for an air ambulance so it must have been pretty serious) or find an alternative route. So as you can probably imagine we opted for the alternative route… just great when you have no idea what that alternative route is. As a long story short it took us an extra 2 ½ - 3 hours to finally reach our destination and I was extremely happy when we did! 9pm was our travelling closing time. If you know me well enough, you’d definitely know that I never sleep at a ’normal’ hour, I’m pretty much nocturnal, but as soon as my head hit my pillow I was out like a light.
Day Two | Monday - Relaxing and little exploring
After Sunday’s shenanigans and a wonderful sleep, I felt refreshed and very awake! Not so much for my mum though who watched the clock round for most of the night, maybe I shouldn’t have boasted about mine.. but it was an amazing sleep. Mum wasn’t feeling up to doing too much exploring, so we took a little stroll and admired the view down to the local convenience shop, although they didn’t actually have the one thing we needed. We headed back to our lodge and once again enjoying the beautiful view at a steady incline. The air is pure and fresh in Scotland, it may sound strange, but you can actually breathe out there.
For our first meals mum had lasagna, chips and salad and I made myself a yummy veggie wrap with chips, salad, onion and salsa. After tea we decided to end the night by watching Pitch Perfect, I have watched it so many times and I still love it as much as I did when I watched it at the cinema, I pretty much quote it word for word (still one of my favourite comedies).
Day Three | Tuesday - Small Travels
On Tuesday, we had a little adventure to the next town from Dailly in the later afternoon, about 1 ish to be precise. Girvan is just a 15 minute drive down the road and there you reach the beach. We visited this place last time we came to Scotland, but the weather that day was a little worse then. Although it was still windy and the odd passing of showers, we had a lovely 20 minutes walk across the sand on the sea front, just making it back to the car in time before the rain began to fall, so we just admired the view from the comfort of the car.
Afterwards we decided to make our way back to the lodge, but prior a quick stop off to the local Asda for some forgotten mushrooms for our tea later that evening - we made spaghetti bolognese (minus the meat for me) it was super delicious! Following on from the evening before we decided to watch Pitch Perfect 2 and continue the trend (hoping the third film will live up to the first two film’s standards). We headed to bed soon after it had ended, we both could hardly keep our eyes open!

Day Four | Wednesday - Lindsayton Walk
Mum and I woke up a little later than planned, but we managed to get out of the lodge for about 12. Now we had planned on going on a local walk and after setting off and trying to find this not very well signed place, we had no luck so we drove back and asked back at the reception. So even the lady at the desk admitted the walks on the leaflet weren’t very easy to find - ah great, but she did help and mainly, by our own map reading skills, we managed to find the place! So we parked the car a short distance away from the ‘entrance’. We set of walking down this farm land track, and at one point all the cows in the field must have though were were coming to feed them, as they all gathered together and were constantly staring at us two weirdos.. haha. We managed to find the Lindsayton entrance where when had to hop over a stepping fence. Walking into the woods, we began to see bright letters appearing on the trees which we discovered said (after getting slightly closer) ‘PATH CLOSED - DANGER’ oh okay wonderful. So me being the explorer that I am, I wanted to continue and see why it was closed. After a short walk further into the woods we discovered that trees had collapsed from a landslide which had caused the path to come away from itself. After seeing this we thought it was best to cut our walk short and head back to the car - a little bit of a disappointing trip, but I guess mother-nature is in charge.. We continued to head back to our lodge at this point as it was getting pretty late in the day for anything too far for travelling.
So although we hadn’t really gone too far, we had still built-up an appetite, so dinner was next on our agenda. (I would insert here what we had to eat, but honestly I can't actually remember. I feel like it was a vegetable sausage sandwich with spinach and hot sauce, with a side salad and chips).
One thing I noticed after being in Scotland, every night I felt so tired. It's that tired feeling where you can instantly fall asleep, and I never have that! Scotland air must be magical..
Day Five | Thursday - Galloway Forest Park
We set off for our days adventure in the Galloway Forest. On route we stopped off at the side of the road with a beautiful view of Clatteringshaws Loch, where we had our lunch while admiring the scenery. After we had finished eating I ventured outside the car with my camera to get that 4D experience. I sat on a verge next to the Loch for a while after getting my shots, it was such a peaceful feeling, things like that really remind you of the beauty of nature.
After getting back to the car, we continued further down the road. We turned off down one of the off map locations and followed the road stopping every now and again to get out and adventure into some of the forest and take in everything around us. Wish I could visit these kind of forestry everyday, that's a dream.
After a lovely chilled travelling day mum and I headed back to the lodge, just in time to make some tea for ourselves. (once again I cannot remember what I had to eat, I should really have jotted that down, mental note for the future). We ended the evening by watching Peter Kay, my mum on the other hand must have watched around 10 minutes, then counted sheep for the rest of the duration.. I have literally lost count of how many times I have watched his dvd, I still laugh just as much as I did the first time. Definitely my all time favourite comedian for sure.
Day Six | Friday - Loch Doon
As our last full day in Scotland we wanted to go somewhere relatively near by. We randomly came across Loch Doon last time were visited Scotland in 2015. It's roughly around half an hour away from Dailly and we had seen the entrance many times on passing by, which made it an easy last destination. On making it to the entrance we continued to follow the road until we came upon a familiar place where we parked up, stopped and ventured down to the Loch. This particular part of the Loch makes me think of the views you'd see in Canada - breathtaking.
Mum and I had a little photoshoot here, which I will show you some of the photos below.
After a considerable amount of travelling through the forestry and loch views, we came to a familiar scene setting. I instantly recognised a pine tree and looked on to see the photo I'd taken a year ago. It was weird, but also great to see how much it had grown and scenery had changed around the area. I managed to (almost) take the same photo. It always amazes me how you can remember things so vividly from so long ago..
The fun adventure had to end, and Mum and I headed back to the lodge. We started preparing tea, then decided (the weather had started warming up over the last couple of days of our trip) to sit outside on the deck, with an alcoholic beverage and some yummy salted cashews! It was lovely to just sit, listening to the sound of the birds and the odd squark of a pheasant in the distance. One thing you notice most out there is the tranquility. Scotland is the definition of peace, nature's pure beauty.
Ending the night we watched Identity Theft, then took to our beds for our last sleep before home.

Tree growth within a year..
11th May, 2015
6th May, 2016
Day Seven | Saturday - Travelling home.
Waking up with the feeling of slight disappointment that our trip was coming to a closure. 11:30 we set of on the journey back home. We definitely did not to want to leave. We took overall two stops at the service's. It was quite an easy drive and the further down South we got the warmer it became. We got home for about 6 o'clock and you could tell my dad had missed us.. The depressed realisation of being home began to set in and all I wanted was to go back and spend another week there. I guess we're just gonna have to book another visit, hopefully sometime soon!
 Thanks for reading my adventure.
Stay lovely,
PS - The video of my trip will be posted here and uploaded on my Youtube (links below) next week, so keep a look out for that :)

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